Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Origami Stroller Charges Your Phone!

The other day I was telling my kids how they grew up in The Jetsons world.  The Jetsons was a cartoon.  They lived in a futuristic world.  The Jetsons family had iphones, treadmills and plasma TVs that came down from the ceiling.  Those didn't exist back when I was a kid.  Isn't that just crazy? Today we can't live without that technology.    The reason why we were discussing this was because of this new stroller I found.  It's  so innovative.  Pretty soon everyone is going to have one!

The origami stroller is a powerfolding stroller that charges itself while you walk!  It has an LCD screen that displays the weather, the speedometer, odometer and the weight of the baby.  It even charges your phone!

You won't believe it.  Click the hyperlink and watch the video!

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