Tuesday, January 29, 2008

5 Sites Parents and Their Kids Will Love!

The Little One was sick this past week. I could barely leave his side, so I spent a lot of time on StumbleUpon (while he was sleeping). I found some great sites that will be of interest to many parents.

1. BembosZoo is an entertaining site for preschoolers and adults. The Princess and I spent some time clicking on all the alphabet letters, just to see what would come up!

2. Storynory Kids Audio Stories offers free stories you can listen to from your computer or download to your ipod (for your kids of course).

3. Generator will save you $3.00 per sketch (that's what they charge at my mall).

4. ChartJungle offers FREE printable chore charts, calendars, checklists and more!

5. offers FREE hidden picture printables.

I hope you and your kids enjoy these sites. If you enjoyed this post and the sites listed, think about tagging it on delicious and/or giving it a stumble.

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Dr.John said...

I think those are great and made you my link for the day.

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